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Our Crafty Journey

Homespun Magic is a platform for craft shoppers as well as art enthusiasts to hone their craftsmanship and become adept artisans at the same time.'

What is it that makes our workshops winsome?

  • Easy to make

  • Clear and lucid step by step method 

  • Useful tips and tricks by experienced artisans/trainers to help beginners

  • 1:1 Interaction with trainers

  • Inexpensive and easily available material (in most cases, we try to utilize the unused materials we tend to discard like packaging, old cloth, Jute strings and other throw away articles

Our main focus is on eliminating procedural ambiguities to make it engaging for new learners. We attempt to provide an experience that goes beyond routine, which instils a sense of creativity like how to work around the unavailability of certain materials or customizations you would like to have in the product.

Our introduction would not be complete without a mention of our terrific trainers/artists who put lot of hard work in coming up with the creative  ideas, designing these products, and making the learning process smooth and simple for all.

Our most senior artist/trainer is a retired experienced lecturer & a grand mother which makes her an expert at simplifying lessons so that learners can easily absorb and implement them, at the same time an expert at keeping small kids engaged.

We have professional painters working with us who have showcased their work at various exhibitions , schools etc.

Together they create the gems of art work which you can now buy and learn to make only at Homespun Magic.


Data Analyst by profession, Engineer by education & a big art enthusiast at heart. (MBA, IIT Bombay | B.E. , Delhi College of Engineering)

Founder, Homespun Magic

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