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Sustainable art from Waste : How we want to make a difference through our "Sustainable art from was

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

When we were growing up, there was limited access for a middle class family to expensive toys for their kids. Many of our toys used to be home-made, often from the discarded material lying around at home. I remember the joy I felt when I used to make beam balance from empty shoe polish tins and a thread & many more such things with my father. We were brought up to lead a life away from unnecessary shopping, which inculcated the habit of judiciously using the resources and learning to live with what's available. Now, you might think that it does not sound that much fun but trust me I feel proud to have this experience. Nothing beats the fun and pride of running around the house playing with my beam balance. When I look at the kids now, I sometimes feel like they are missing out on the learning , the fun and the sense of achievement we used to get by making that simple toy on our own.

Even though it's not the ideal and happiest situation to be in, this lockdown has given all of us the time to reflect, learn and have fun in the good old ways than to just head out for shopping and dining at the first chance we get.

So, we thought rather than looking at what we can't do, let's do what we can. With this aim in mind , we are happy to introduce to you our "Sustainable art from waste" online crafts workshop series. Through these workshops, we want to introduce our passionate learners to the kind of good old fun, keep them engaged, impart to them the creativity and knowledge and at the same time teach the importance of judiciously using our resources. We re-use discarded material in these workshops, so all you have to do is put your artsy hats on and you're all set!!

We want to create the sense of achievement, the moments of great joy and fun & the sense of responsibility towards the environment.

As they say, small drops make an ocean!! This is our chance to create an ocean of fun together.

You can register for these workshops and many more such interesting crafts classes in following ways:

Website :

Facebook :

Mobile : +919910806104

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